Tell me I'm your new obsession  Baby you're my dream of collections  Every night I feel you close  It's the feeling you give I suppose  When we're apart, it's as if you're still here  Even though we're miles away, you are still near  Close to me  Close to my heart  You help me feel free … Continue reading one

Thoughts from 2013

As humans, why do we become so consumed by the four letter word of l.o.v.e? It seems like such a small word, yet has such a huge impact on us.Emotionally, physically.. It gives us euphoric moments of happiness, hope and intense emotions at one point.. yet when it comes to the turning point, can make… Continue reading Thoughts from 2013

The world is out of order.

2017 has begun with a rocky start. The american elections shook the world, as Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the united states. We see his twitter tag, POTUS.. but, what does "president really mean?" To control; or to occupy the place of authority or control, as in an assembly or meeting."  Control: the power… Continue reading The world is out of order.

New year, new me?

Usually for new years, I would be busy planning to get ready to go out.. and drink. Alot. In this culture, I feel it is something that is so natural and normal to us. We drink to have a good time, or to numb away the bad times. We have this mentality where being outgoing… Continue reading New year, new me?

Water Wars

  According to the United Nations, it is within our right that we live in an equal and non-discriminatory world, and where “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of a person” (United Nations, 2016). So, life’s greatest obstacle when dealing with the world and humanity becomes an intriguing wonderment, “why are corporations… Continue reading Water Wars

Can globalization be a good thing? The pros and cons.

  Globalization can be viewed as to why the earth spins and what makes our world constantly moving. It can also be perceived as to what makes the earth stop spinning, with the destruction of the environment and biodiversity of animals and human beings in developing countries. Overall, globalization is the idea of what connects… Continue reading Can globalization be a good thing? The pros and cons.

Make peace, not war

  Starting in 2001, the United Nations general assembly declared for September 21st to be known as "International Peace Day", a day of nonviolence and ceasefire. Yet, I thought this day could also be a day of awareness. Although this day is not declared to be any type of official holiday, many people are not… Continue reading Make peace, not war